What is Shalom Books?

We are a CATHOLIC bookstore. We are streams of truth. We are a center that irradiates Christian Wisdom. We are also a place of preaching. Inserted in a world of commerce and respecting the laws of offer and demand, we penetrate in the scope of thought and culture of the societies in order to impregnate them of Christ.

We are the organization that diffuses the Christian message through Shalom Books Corporation. There are a number of persons of good will, religious and laymen and women that are anonymous apostles of the organization, technology and administration. All of this aiming to maintain at par our Catholic bookstore with other similar bookstores dedicated to transmit other types of knowledge, in many occasions contrary to the Christian thought.

Our dear brothers and sisters, Shalom books is not another commercial bookstore. It is rather a good work of service to the truth about God for the human being and the Church.


To foment and cultivate the culture of formation books, of Catholic theology, Christology and Sacraments and above all books of Spirituality that make us aware that there is something much more than the material world, that our being is not at rest until it rests in God.


Our principal mission is to be able to evangelize the great majority of the 37 million Hispanic speaking people that live in the United States which in a great part are Catholics. We are aware that all of us as Catholics are in great need to deepen our faith that is frequently limited to what we have learned at home and popular devotions but it has not taken roots in the amazing and tremendous mystery of Christ our Brother and Redeemer.


To make Shalom Books Corporation the Catholic place that facilitates the learning and that teaches us, trough the books, the immensity of Jesus the Christ, of Mary, His mother and of the multiples examples of Christian life that are exemplified by the Saints who practice in a heroic manner the virtues that we all are called to live.