For each one of the visitors that come to our pages, the server Web automatically recognizes the name and dominion of the consumer and his or her e-mail address (if possible).

We collect the e-mail address of those people that communicate with us through the e-mail, any added information of the pages they access or visit, specific data of each user in reference to the pages they have accessed or visited and information that on voluntary basis the consumers have provided us, for instance, to respond to a survey or to register in our Mailing List or to fill out any other form of our site.

The information that we collect is used to improve the contents of our Web pages and to notify our consumers about the updates of our Web sites but never at any time to share it with any other organizations for commercial gain.

If you wish to receive our e-mail in the future, you can notify us by e-mail. If you facilitate us your on-line address, you will receive only the information you have requested. The persons that supplies us their telephone numbers on line, will be contacted only through that route and about their orders that will receive or that that they have individually requested.

It is through our technology that we collect and accumulate other data anonymously that could help us to understand and to analyze the experience of our visitors in the Internet. For instance, we accumulate data related to the origin of their dominions, the type of navigators that they use as well as the resolutions of their monitors, the capacity of their colors, plug-ins and Java Script. We also keep the number of visits, routes that they take and the time that they stay in the sites and pages. None of that data identifies the individuals.

We warn the users of our sites that through the links they can be directed to other sites which are out of our control. For example, if you click a banner, that click could send you out of our server and you enter in a field that is controlled by a third party. These sites could send you “cookies” collect your personal information or provide you with offensive material. We do not have any control over the policies for privacy or the practice of other sites and we are not responsible for their privacy policies or their practice in other sites, nor are we responsible for the privacy policies of our seekers. We recommend to exercise extreme care when exiting our sites and to read the private policies of each place that is visited.

Occasionally, it is possible that we use information from our consumers for new uses that we had not anticipated or published in our Privacy Policy. But if we change our policy at any time in the future, we will place those changes in our Websites, so you can be aware about our new use. If you are concern how that data can be used, we recommend that you periodically read that page.

If you consider that these sites do not put in practice the policy of privacy that is published, you could contact us through the e-mail or the regular mail or by phone.